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Darrell Gustafson, Associate Pastor
Level II NANC Certified Counselor

Pastor Darrell served 4 years in the USAF, owner operator of The Carpenter Co. from 1974-2004, and graduated from Redeemer Theological Seminary in 1984. He was an elder at Church of the Redeemer, Mesa–Pastor of Church of the Redeemer- Chandler Heights from 1983-1986–elder at Cornerstone Bible Church from 1986-1990–Elder at Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert from 1994-to present with Associate Pastor status given in 1999. He is Director of Grace Covenant Counseling Center, Church Administrator and board member of the newly formed Grace Counseling Training Center. Contact Pastor Darrell.

Janet Gustafson, Counseling Office Manager
Level I NANC Certified Counselor

Janet Gustafson serves as a counselor for women and children. She also participates in couple and family counseling with her husband, Pastor Darrell Gustafson. Currently, Janet serves on the Women’s Bible Study teaching staff and is very active in the Women’s Ministries at Grace Covenant Church. Contact Janet.

Wayne Nieman, Master of Divinity
Ph.D in Marriage and Family Counseling
Level II NANC Certified Counselor

Wayne is a Junior High School Teacher, counselor at Grace Covenant Counseling Center, and board member of the recently started Grace Counseling Training Center. Wayne Nieman is a graduate of A.S.U. with a B.A. in Education. He has taught school for 27 years — 5 years in Christian Education and 22 years in the Public Schools. Wayne received his M. Div. from Reformed Episcopal Seminary. He has been an Elder at Cornerstone Bible Church. In 1999, he received his Ph.D in Marriage and Family Counseling from Evangelical Theological Seminary (Now called Biblical Life College and Seminary). Wayne has been counseling for 12 years as a Level II NANC Certified Nouthetic Counselor. Wayne is a board member of the newly formed Grace Counseling Training Center. Contact Dr. Wayne Nieman.

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Our Counseling Policy

Our counselors are trained in the use of the Scriptures and the principles of Biblical Counseling. The range of problems with which our counselors are prepared to deal with is very wide. From individual struggles to family conflict, God’s Word provides instruction, counsel and principles to address every problem faced by mankind.

Biblical counselors believe in considering your total health needs. Your counselor may recommend that you consult your Physician. If medical assistance is required, counseling will continue at the same time, whenever possible.

Our counselors are committed not only to helping you overcome the current problem in your life but also to prepare you to live in a manner that leads to increasing maturity In the Lord. Even though you may presently be experiencing trial or hardship, the Bible promises that God will provide a way to escape or endure such hardship without sinning. The Scriptures also promise real and lasting benefit to those who apply Biblical truth to their lives. Our goal is to help you find those lasting benefits.

Marriage Counseling

Proverbs 18:17 teaches, “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.” For this reason, we prefer to have both spouses meet with the counselor(s). If one spouse is unwilling to attend counseling, counsel will be offered to the willing party.

Youth Counseling

In all youth counseling, it is necessary for the counselor to first meet with the parent or parents. Our goal is to aid you, as you minister to your child When the counselor meets with your child, your presence will be required. This policy reflects your importance as a parent.

The counselor will not meet privately with your child without your expressed approval. If at some time it becomes advantageous for the counselor to meet privately with your child you will be asked to wait in the next room for a brief period of time. You will be kept informed of any important information that your child has relayed to the counselor.

Arizona law requires all individuals to report any ongoing child abuse or endangerment to the legal authorities. The counselors at Grace Covenant Counseling Center will comply with this requirement.

Family Counseling

The counselor will meet with the parent or parents before holding family sessions.

Financial Requirements

Grace Covenant Counseling Ministry is committed to God’s glory and your good. To that end, we do not wish to place undue hardship upon anyone. Financial donations will have no influence upon our commitment to you. Our counseling ministry is determined to turn no one away because of financial consideration. The counseling does cost the church about $50.00 per session, so donations are very welcome.

Grace Covenant Counseling Center is a church-based and donation supported ministry. Donations from individuals who have benefited from counseling also allow us to continue in ministry, if you desire to contribute to this ministry please make all checks payable to Grace Covenant Church. All donations are tax deductible. If you wish to receive a receipt for tax purposes, please attach a notice to your donation.

Church Attendance

It is our desire to cooperate with God’s work in your life. For this reason, all individuals receiving counsel will be required to maintain regular attendance at a Bible based church. If you are either a member or regular attendee at such a church, we request that you continue in faithful worship. If you are not currently attending a Bible-based church, please let us know. We will be happy to recommend a good church in your area.

Our Promise to You

– Our primary goals in counseling are God’s glory and your good.

– All of our counselors are trained in the use of the Scriptures and the principles of Biblical Counseling and are prepared to counsel a wide range of problems.

– A male counselor will counsel men or boys.

– A female counselor will counsel women or girls.

– If at any time it becomes necessary for a male counselor to counsel a female, another female will be asked to sit in on the sessions.

– A male counselor or a male & female counseling team will be available to counsel couples or families.

– Normally, counseling will last one to one-and-a half-hours each week for eight to twelve weeks. If you respond quickly to Biblical counsel, the number of counseling sessions may be shortened.

We will also work with your Pastor or Elders to help disciple you if necessary.

Finally, we request that you bring the following items to each appointment: a Bible, a note pad a pen or pencil, and great expectation of God’s guidance.

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