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Janet Gustafson serves as a counselor in our counseling center. Janet counsels women and children. She also participates in couple and family counseling with her husband, Pastor Darrell Gustafson. Janet speaks at conferences and lady retreats.

Kathi Olmstead has been serving in the capacity of church secretary at Grace Covenant since August 1999. Many of her duties include: producing the weekly church bulletins and inserts, prayer request sheets, attendance record, monthly calendars, and bi-annual fellowship directory; sending out visitor and congregation letters; copying and compiling curriculum materials for Sunday school teachers and selected music materials for the music director; answering the phone and other general office responsibilities.

Moved to Mesa in 1954 with family, graduated from Mesa High School, and ASU twice! Taught briefly. Married Perry Mehan and immediately took on four children. That’s when I retired the first time! Attended classes at CBT, Church of the Redeemer, and attended Women’s Bible Study (and led music) over 20 years. Was able to stay home with the rest of the children, total 7, until they were in college. Went back to teaching Bible, and playing piano at Valley Christian High School until June 2010 when I retired. This is only the fifth church I have attended in my life, the third I have joined. I have had a number of “side business experiences” including a small restaurant, and a catering business with my last two sons, I have 15 grandchildren and that is my favorite sport. I expect to be going on a ministry mission of sewing and teaching to Fiji in August 2011.

Mark was born in Buffalo, NY. At the age of seven, he and his siblings moved to Mesa, Arizona to live with their grandparents after their parents were killed in a tragic train/car accident in Alden, New York. That day began a series of events that eventually led to his conversion. He later came to the Doctrines of Grace while attending Arizona State University. Mark comes from a family with varied musical talents and has led church music/choirs for over twenty years. He and his wife Kathi have been married for 30 years and have two sons. Andrew, Stephen and his wife, Celeste, all embrace the Savior and also attend Grace Covenant Church.